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The Fox-2 Flightgear Story…

Fox-2 Flightgear is a cutting edge design company with a focus on developing unique aviation related products and apparel that capture the attitude and spirit of a fighter pilot and the fighter squadron. High performance aircraft continue to undergo an endless evolution in technological advances but the one constant that remains is the courage, confidence and commitment of the pilots and support crew that push them to the limit.

At Fox-2 Flightgear we are committed to creating products that provide a connection to the passion of flying high performance aircraft to the limit and the attitude that makes it possible. We truly believe everyone has some of that same fighter attitude.

As a former F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot I know first hand that whether you’re screaming supersonic on the deck avoiding radar, or you’re locked in a 1v1 dog fight, or you’re rolling in hot on a high value target in the thick of the fight there is one absolute...it’s all about altitude and attitude!

Jesse and Brooke Fox